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Just look at these amazing benefits that a blog can bring to your business:

Inexpensive to set up

Unlike having a bespoke website developed which can be a time consuming and expensive exercise, the set up and linking of blog can be effected quickly and inexpensively. Once set up, it is a straight forward procedure to integrate a blog into your website and start blogging!

No technical knowledge required

You don’t need technical expertise to write a blog. You can add pages or articles just as if you were word processing, so you won’t need a web designer to update it for you.

Quick And Easy to manage

Who doesn’t love to hear that? - once your blog is up and running you can manage and update it all yourself, quickly and easily.

Instant distribution of information

Using RSS and pinging, blogs enable you to globally distribute your latest news and information, instantly and automatically to the Search Engines, directories and to your readers and potential customers!

New business generation

One huge benefit of your blog is the ability to inform your customers of any changes, new products, latest offers and special deals. This, in turn, can lead to new direct sales. People love to frequent blogs and pass their time reading their favourite ones on a regular basis. Captivate your audience with compelling content and you'll receive a growing list of market leads.

Interact with your Readers

Your readers can respond to your posts and you’ll soon get a feel for who is interested in similar subjects to you, or, as a business, you would open a dialogue with potential clients, suppliers or partners providing you with the ideal platform to develop a new business relationship.

Gain An Insight Into Your Customers

A business blog enables you to gain insight into your customers. It enables your customers to leave comments on your posts, so you’ll get a sense of how they react to what you say. You can also track which posts are being read more often and identify which ones generate a greater number of clicks, emails, and enquiries. This is vital market and customer research data which you can use to great effect.

Relationship Building

A blog enables you to speak more freely and in a more informal and personable style than your Web site does, so you’ll build a rapport with your readers and they’ll soon feel like they know you. The more they know, like and trust you, the more likely they are to visit your main site, click your links and purchase your products and services.

Brand Awareness

The more people see and hear the name of your company, the greater the chance of them remembering it. It takes, on average, around seven items of direct communication between you and your customers to make a sale. A blog with hundreds of posts gives you the opportunity to regularly get your name across to ensure that your readers think of you first, the next time they're looking for products and services you supply.

Automatic archiving and organisation

Orderly placement of categories and archives are integral parts of a blog and each post will automatically be placed correctly according to the selection you make. This gives great organisation and structure to a blog which is perfect for visitors and Search Engines alike, and allows you to concentrate on the content.

Search Engine magnets

Your blog offers the opportunity to help promote your company Web site for hundreds or even thousands of different keywords. Search engines particularly like promoting blogs because they offer a large amount of content that is updated and supplemented on a regular basis. With regular posts, categorised content and search engine friendly links and addresses, business blogs become ideal places for Search Engines to find the type of content they love and you can rank very highly!

Multiple Authors

You can allow access to any number of people to add content to your blog, so that you have several authors contributing to a topic or a series of topics. It also opens up the possibilities for blogs as tools ideally suited to internal communications within a company.

Internal and External Links

Blogs thrive on links and referring to other articles so that conversations and ideas can be taken up and developed. At its best, this allows a viral effect in terms of promotion and helps develop both relationships and networks.


Every post and every category has its own individual address, which will always exist, this means that you can refer to them in articles, emails, newsletters etc safe in the knowledge that they will always be found. The Search Engines love this too!

A Business Blog is a flexible and yet powerful marketing tool for small businesses and large corporate companies alike.

Got a question? want more information? or are interested in an online demonstration as to how a Business Blog can benefit your company?

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