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May the power of the BLOG be with you

The story of the BLOG, its value to your business and how it all works

Many of our clients and prospective clients are getting wise to the BLOG.

Questions are being fired at us from all directions and we are only too happy to answer them and help whenever required, so, using a BLOG as the perfect tool for interactive communication, we’ve put together some information which we trust you will enjoy reading and find useful.

Interestingly, there is still a reticence by some businesses willing to take up the “challenge” of running their own blog. Those that have done so however often report their findings and invariably they have positive reviews of the blogging process.

1. What is a Blog?

Well it depends whom you ask. There are many different opinions as to what a blog is, so let’s start off with a simple introduction and overview.

The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. If you are the Author of a blog, if you maintain a blog by updating it and adding articles to it, this is called “blogging” and you will be a “blogger”.

Blogs originally came into being as a personal online publishing system which enabled people to quickly and easily, write, publish and disseminate their own views and thoughts via the internet on just about any subject at all. Each posting would be archived and would appear in chronological order, often giving the appearance of a diary format.

Whilst blogs are often described as online diaries however, they are much more powerful than that, and we shall explore the wondrous benefits that blogs can bring to your business.

A blog is a simple form of website, but by harnessing the special characteristics that a blog has to offer, they are used as extremely effective sales and marketing communications tools for businesses. A blog could well become one of the most powerful marketing weapons you have in your arsenal.

2. Special features and benefits of Blogs

Blogs are magical online communication tools which have special characteristics that make them so beneficial to your business.

Blogs help to personalise your company and the products and services that you offer, which increases the perceived value of your organisation in the eyes of your customers. This results in much higher levels of trust, and you’ll find that the readers of your Blog become your most valuable word-of-mouth ambassadors.

Blogs have in-built distribution tools such as RSS and pinging, and comments and social bookmarking all add extra ways and means to promote your blog and therefore your business.

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